Apple Support coming to your home…

HOW TO_smaller Have you ever spent a long time searching the internet or forums for an answer to your “Apple tech” problem and never quite found the answer?

Whether it’s your iPhone or iPad or perhaps a question you have with your MacBook or iMac…I know I have invested my own time this way on many occasion. And still do!

Well that’s where “How to…” is different.

This way you can post me your question or query and I will use my knowledge, experience and some of those “wasted hours” to give you a personalized answer.

It’s like having Apple’s Genius Bar at home…

I have included a simple poll below with some initial subject areas that you could consider and the option to provide me with some specifics on what you’re looking for.

Not what you’re looking for?

If you interested in a different subject, please add a comment below and I’ll create a personalized blog post in response.

HOW TO_smaller


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