#iPad Pro keyboard “boomerang”

I previously posted about my ongoing issues with iPad Pro 12.9 smart keyboard by Apple,

#iPad Pro #SmartKeyboard connection error fix

and at the time of writing, reported that the keyboard was working once again.

However it appears that this was a “fluke” or perhaps at best, a temporary fix, as over the last few weeks the same error message has appeared again with no key response from the keyboard.

Now Apple’s product is an expensive one, retailing at CAD $229 plus tax and with this latest failure I was ready for a product change…

The Alternatives…

Logi Create

ipad-pro-logitech-create-keyboard-hero Logi review

ZAGG slim book

slim-book-01 ZAGG slim book review

Razer Mechanical keyboard case

gallery-05.pngRazer keyboard case review


I’ve previously spent time reviewing all the alternatives out there currently and once again the reviews I have linked above all conclude that these keyboards add bulk and weight to the iPad Pro. Now I could like with that for a great product except that in all cases I would end up with a combination heavier and thicker than my MacBook Pro 13″!

I was disillusioned with Apple’s product but not to that extent!

And even something completely different:

Canopy by Studio Neat

This is more of a stand for the iPad that relies on the use of Apple’s bluetooth Magic keyboard

Canopy_Proped_Angle_iPad_d21f93d5-2ffa-4c34-834b-a4b3cd5b9b3e_largeCanopy review

I seriously considered this approach, especially as I already have a Magic keyboard and enjoy the typing experience.

Then I reconsidered what I was trying to achieve. I needed a keyboard for my iPad Pro that I would primarily use in my professional life as an Architect. It needed to do the following:

  • Portable
  • Protects the iPad
  • Lightweight
  • Design (I buy a lot of Apple products as a truly appreciate the high level of industrial design)

The solution

Despite my resolve, I returned to Apple’s smart keyboard as the best product out there at this time and have bought a replacement!

Note that I will be taking up the warranty on this product if it so much as “coughs” in the next 12 months…



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