Assign #OSX applications to specific virtual desktops

With Apple’s Mac OS encouraging multi-tasking and with the performance of the latest hardware, we now have the ability to run multiple applications at any one time; there is a good chance that the desktop becomes confused.

One option is to use Apple’s built in Expose (Ctrl-up arrow) you can quickly see what you have running and then select the application to use.

Alternatively you could utilize ( which is a great utility to resizse and tessellate multiple windows and applications to bring a sense of order to the virtual desktop.

In addition you can assign applications to different virtual desktops to automatically navigate you to a new working area when you launch the application.

  1. Create a new virtual desktop via Expose (Ctrl-up arrow) and pressing the “+” icon at the top of the screen
  2. Right click on the application to assign
  3. Select Options>Assign to>This desktop

Once complete this specific virtual desktop appears when you launch the assigned application.

You can also select >All desktops which simply displays the application on all of your live virtual desktops. I am not sure why this would assist our target to reduce confusion…

And finally, you can deselect the application assignment via,

Select Options>Assign to>None


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