#iPad Pro keyboard option

I currently use Apple’s proprietary keyboard and cover for the iPad Pro and it works great.

Now that the Pro versions have been on the market for some time, a number of other manufactures are introducing accessory choices.

Razer have introduced their version with the first ever mobile device keyboard with mechanical switches. I have the option of using my MacBook Pro for a similar experience so at this time I am still using the Apple version but this is certainly worth a look in you’re in the market…


  • Razer™ Low-Profile Mechanical Switches with a 70 g actuation force
  • Optimized actuation and reset points
  • Slim chiclet keycaps
  • Designed for Apple iPad Pro
  • Metal kickstand
  • Detachable polycarbonate protective case
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Battery: Approx. 10 hours on a single charge at maximum brightness
  • Battery: Approx. 600 hours on a single charge with backlighting turned off


The Verge have their review here on the Razer keyboard.

Wirecutter have a useful product review of all the current Pro keyboard options in their article here. They’re with me and still rate Apple’s own keyboard as the best overall.

If you have had first hand experience with the Razer then please let me know in the comments space below. It would be great to get user experience.


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