How I use #Trello for business development

Trello is an iOS and web based application that provides a visually biased solution for projects and associated lists. It is a great collaboration tool allowing members to participate on the projects created.

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.”

I personally use this independently for a number of projects. I have provided one example below of how I use Trello for my professional business development as an Architect.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.11.44 AM


Board lists:

M&BD inbox (Marketing & Business development)

This is the default card for posting via iOS share or by the Board direct email address. I aim to clear this list by processing any cards to the following lists.

M&BD Active

I review the inbox and process the opportunities in to the Active list adding details, contacts and actions. I will also add tags to each card that define which industry sector this involves, whether there is a requirement for a fee proposal and if a “follow up” is required. I will also add dates when I need to action or reconnect on the opportunity.


This list filters those M&BD opportunities that are formal tenders that require competitive submissions and an open competition.

Potential & Follow up

With Trello you can change the order of the cards in any list and I do this to adjust the priorities of any M&BD opportunities that may have medium to long term timing.

Other lists:

I then have a number of dedicated lists for specific established clients where I am able to track all my activity and specific information on the work we are doing for them. This forms one of my tools for account management.



Calendar subscriptions

I manage my M&BD activity by adding this Trello  board to my OSX and iOS Calendars (I use Fantastical2). These calendar entries have a hyerlink built in, allowing me to shortcut directly back to Trello through my browser to make any adjustments or updates.


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